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ILS Property Services Provide Planned Maintenance Shedules

By taking a planned approach to maintenance you can avoid unplanned emergency repairs which can be costly to the homeowner, this can also enhance the property's value. Scheduling planned maintenance helps recognise when parts of a building are deteriorating allowing preventative action to be taken. There is no reason why original windows and doors cannot be maintained for many years through good regular painting/maintenance upkeep. Repairs to windows will cost less than replacement. The cost of a planned maintenance schedule will be a lot less than the costs resulting from a series of unplanned emergency repairs.



### Six monthly inspections: - Chimneys. **Action =** View from ground to check for deteriorating mortar. - External paintwork. **Action =** Surface tap to check for rot/flakiness, particularly important for window sills on south-facing timber. - Vents. **Action =** Clear any blocked vents. ### Annual Inspections: - Slated/Tiled Roofs. **Action =** Remove any debris and plant growths - Flat felted roofs. **Action =** Remove debris and plant growths, clear any rainwater outlets. - Eaves gutters and downpipes. **Action =** Remove debris, leaves, plant growth and clear gutter outlets - Painted masonry surfaces. **Action =** Surface tap to check for flakiness - Windows and doors, including frames. **Action =** check for flakiness - Roughcast/render. **Action =** Visual inspection from ground level every year. Check for splitting. ### Up to 5 Year Inspection: - Main stonework, including pointing. **Action =** Visual inspection from ground level every year. Check for splitting surface tapping every 5 years. - Chimneys (thorough inspection). **Action =** Every year if accessible from roof level, longer where scaffolding is required to check for deteriorating mortar. Remove plant growth.

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